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2020 Corvette


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Air Conditioning System Complete Service

  1. Pull and Measure Fefrigerant.
  2. Pull a Vacuum to Dehydrate the System.
  3. Add Refrigerant Oil and Leak Detection Dye.
  4. Re-charge the System to Factroy Refrigerant Specification.
  5. Run System for 30 min.
  6. Check Cooling Performance and down the Road.
  7. Visual Insperction of Components and Hoses for Leaks.
  8. Bringyou back herein 30 days for a Free Re-Test to measure Refrigerant loss and check for leaks with black light.
  9. This service takes at least an hour, so we recommend dropping your vehicle off and leaving it with us .
  10. This should be done Annually to maintain the health of your components.
****For Vehicles Using The Newest YF1234 Refrigerant, this service takes significantly longer and we require that the vehicle be left for the day. Also, this refrigerant is much more costly $100 per lb.

R-134a refrigerant

HFO-1234fy refrigerant


Car Air Conditioning Recharge


  • Pull and Add the proper amount of refrigerant





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