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Yokley's Automotive


LS1 Powered Mazda RX7


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In for work.


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2020 Corvette


240SX engine


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Evaporator Replacement on 2005 Toyota Camary


Have you been told that you need to replace the evaporator on your car’s air conditioning system? Did you wonder why it’s so expensive and why it takes so long? Watch this video…



Ford F150 Fuse Replacement in lue of Engine Computer Replacement


Customer had been told by another repair shop that F150 needed a new engine computer because the computer would not communicate. We discovered that the fuse that allows the computer to communicate with the analyzer had blown, possibly due to plugging a cell phone or other device in the cigarette lighter. Once the fuse was replaced the engine computer was able to communicate. You can imagine the difference in cost between a fuse and a new engine computer.



2001 Ford F-150 Engine Codes - Misfires Part 2

This 2001 Ford F-150 came to us from another shop saying that it needed a new engine computer because it wouldn't communicate. We found the it was a blown fuse in the cigarette lighter that wasn't allowing computer to communicate. Now that we have it communicating we now can see the engine codes of 305, 307, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 308 in mode 6. This shows misfires and other issues.



2000 Mercury Sable – Battery Keeps Dying

 Vehicle owner had replaced battery twice and it kept dying. We discovered that even with key off car was still pulling 2 amps. It was the ac control / radio control head was staying on. Needed a new control head not a battery or alternator.


ADAS calibrations





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